Watch Aubrey Plaza Do Weed With The Weed Nuns

The star gets high and talks "The Little Hours," with Sister Kate and Sister Evie.

Aubrey Plaza, who first gained acclaim for her role as April Ludgate in NBC’s Parks and Recreation, sat down with two Weed Nuns to chat religion, weed, and her new movie The Little Hours, in which Plaza plays a less-than-holy nun herself.

The ladies smoke purple cream together, a strain that Sister Kate and Sister Evie, of Sisters of the Valley––a pair of cannabis-growing sisters and medical marijuana providers from Merced Valley, California who have been the subject of numerous headlines in recent months for their seemingly heavenly approach to marijuana––supplied for the occasion. The Sister’s run a self-sustaining operation that supplies cannabis products for people, in a spiritual environment.

“The reason we grow weed is to support ourselves, and to create honorable, spiritual jobs for women,” Sister Kate says in the video.

The Sister’s show Plaza how to trim marijuana plants (of which she butchers), and then review Plaza’s new movie.

“I was all set to hate that movie,” Sister Kate says, “but it’s actually a delightful story.”

Before their smoke sesh is over, the Sister’s invite Plaza to join the Sisters of The Valley.

“I want to be a weed nun,” Plaza says, while moderately lit, and after making sure she can also still be an actor.

The Little Hours hits theaters June 30.