WATCH: Trevor Noah On 4/20 and Trump's Reefer Madness

In observance of 4/20, the weediest (and perhaps also healthiest) day of the year, "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah made an air-time tribute to marijuana. In the episode, Noah also provided a seemingly plausible theory for President Trump's predilection for being a total creepshow: the dude is always high. 

Not that one would need much convincing to believe the argument that President Trump is probably always high on something–––whether it be weed, bathsalts, PCP, or the power-boner one would likely have when trolling the world from the Oval Office. Who really knows.

But it's Trump's attorney general Jeff Sessions that the weed world should really be worried about, according to Noah:

". . . support for legalizing pot is at record levels––partly because Americans have started to realize that unnecessarily incarcerating people for marijuana does more harm than good. . . But even as most people are moving in that direction, unfortunately there is one very powerful little man who disagrees."

Despite Sessions' knack for sending out bad vibes to cast doubt on legal weed's future, and even though Canada beat America to the punch, people are sending joints to f*cking space, and the cannabis world spins on just fine.