Weed Plants Discovered in Oregon Port-o-Potty

Does this shit smell like weed to you?

Police in Rogue River, Oregon, this week discovered a portable toilet––the kind that smells like death, feces, and industrial solvents at state fairs and music festivals––packed to the brim with marijuana plants.

Image via Rogue River Police Department

The Associated Press reports on the weedy find

“Chief Ken Lewis on Thursday said police still don't know how the pot got there. He said it could be anything from a pick-up point to a disgruntled resident making a statement about all the marijuana grows. Lewis said a public works employee checked the toilet three hours before the discovery was made and it was empty. People playing tennis on a nearby court saw nothing suspicious.”

Though it does take the idea of toking on a one-hitter from the shitter to an entirely new level, the weed-filled port-o-john isn’t even the strangest place that pot plants have turned up.

In 2008, archaeologists reportedly discovered close to two pounds of harvested chronic, buried with a 2,700-year-old mummy. The herb was too old to blaze, but was indeed confirmed to be once-psychoactive marijuana, not mere hemp.

A Chicago child once found the toys in her McDonald’s Happy Meal replaced by herb, a pipe, and a lighter. The McFind would be welcome to a responsible, cannabis-consuming adult; but probably quite confusing to any child.

And just earlier this year, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents in Texas found nearly 2,500 pounds of weed attempting to make its way into the country disguised as vegetables

Going forward, seemingly strange weed finds such as in the tombs of mummies and portable toilets of the Pacific Northwest might have us asking not Where's the weed at? But instead: Where is the weed not at?