Weird Weed Finds: A Cannabis Grow-Op Is Discovered Inside of a Haystack

Literally, so much weed in a haystack.

Finding weed when you least expect it can elicit joyous feelings that otherwise surface only when a rogue five dollar bill turns up in one’s pocket. But if the discovery is not just some loose nugs bouncing around the breast pocket of your favorite bomber, and is instead a sophisticated, clandestine grow operation hidden inside of a (literal) haystack––the day will surely take a scandalous turn.

Entrance to the grow-ops (via)

According to Mirror, the weedy unearthing recently went down on a rural U.K. farm, and resulted in a Sheldon, England man and his gang of marijuana-growing friends facing prison time:

“Stafford Crown Court was told how the trio were arrested last March when detectives executed a warrant at Brackenhurst Farm in Newchurch, near Burton-on-Trent. During the search, they found a significant amount of ‘skunk’ cannabis, thousands of pounds in cash, and a series of secret rooms which were completed hidden by hay bales but contained hundreds of cannabis plants.”

More than 60.5 kgs of weed was uncovered in the hidden-away warehouse. The alleged ringleader, a 64-year-old man believed to be suffering from cancer, reportedly plead guilty to cannabis cultivation, production, and possession, with the intent to distribute said stealthily stashed away bud. The busted man’s cohorts too plead guilty, each was sentenced to more than two years in prison. 

Plants inside the haystack (via)

Photographs of the scene show a professional setup said-to-be in operation for at least two years, decked out with hydroponic growing systems and traditional farming equipment. Local law enforcement told reporters that such a grow was “unusual,” for the area.

Still, while this story just falls short of bringing new meaning to the phrase: finding a needle in a haystack––marijuana has certainly turned up in stranger places.