Wiz Khalifa Has a Cure for What Ails Kanye West; Guess What It Is

Leading up to the Thanksgiving Day weekend, Kanye West's cries for help became so strident and frequent that one of the most public faces of the extended Kardashian clan has been hospitalized off radar for more than a week. No hard release date has been announced.

West’s entire career and public persona have given evidence that he is a complicated person. The issues he is currently under treatment for are no doubt far from simple, and not to be minimized.

To help understand the difficult range of complexes and processes surrounding West’s diagnosis and treatment, TMZ cornered American rapper, songwriter, and actor Wiz Khalifa en route from nightclub to chauffeur-driven vehicle.

TMZ's medical correspondent tosses out the question of the day: "What do you think about Kanye's breakdown? Any thoughts on that?"

“He could just smoke some weed,” prescribed Khalifa. "Smoke some K-K, make your day-day all better."

The course of treatment seems to be working for Khalifa.