Decent? Indecent? ABC, NBC Reject Lane Bryant’s Life-Size Models

Indecency, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, but if you look at this proposed Lane Bryant commercial for “This Body” underwear and see anything other than hot, hot, hot, then your eyeglasses must have steamed up. Wipe that steam off! Look again!

According to reports echoed on TMZ and Jezebel, myopic deciders at the ABC and NBC broadcast networks have rejected the “This Body” spot on grounds of “indecency.”

If by indecent, the naysayers mean “too erotically charged for safe viewing by primetime viewers who might be prudes,” then they are correct in assessing the indecency of Lane Bryant's models—except for one detail.

These network censors have failed to take into account that explicit sexual content appears with regularity on their channels although, in all fairness, that content is largely crass, which is not a word that applies to the Lane Bryant commercial.

So what, really, could ABC and NBC possibly mean by indecent?

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