DJ Shadow, Run the Jewels Say 'Nobody Speak'; So Shut Up Already

DJ Shadow has an album out now called The Mountain Will Fall, and it contains a collaborative single with Run the Jewels called "Nobody Speak." The video produced for the song will play right now, at the top of this post, for three minutes and 52 seconds. 

The track's recurrent vocal imperative "Nobody speak, nobody gets choked" hearkens back thematically to the dawn of hip-hop and RUN-DMC's "You Talk to Much," but taken to the global stage of intercontinental economic world puppetry as conducted by highly socialized, predominantly white people (mostly male) arrayed around gleaming conference tables.

The song, and the video, basically say everything that needs to be said; so "Nobody Speak," and just go ahead and watch and listen to the whole production from the start again.