Dora the Explorer Is About That Vape Life

Even teen voice actors vape now.

Virtually everyone is vaping. 

From congressmen to characters dreamt up in a cloud of sweet-smelling ass air, vaping is one of the most popular activities among the nicotine-loving masses. This demographic is now said to include the youngster actress who voices one of television's most beloved and intrepid animated adventurers: Dora the Explorer. 

From Associated Press:

"The teenage actress who voices Nickelodeon's spunky "Dora the Explorer" character was given special treatment after she was caught vaping in a private high school bathroom, according to a lawsuit filed Monday by another student's parents.

According to the parents that filed the suit, the young voice of Dora was shown preferential treatment from school admins and only given a three-day suspension for her vape-gressions; while her classmate, and vaping-partner-in-crime, is said to have been straight up expelled from the school.  

Both sentences sound like fairly harsh punishments for what may have been a great bonding sesh for two young'ns. And court cases are always messy. On the flip side, f*ck vaping.

So maybe what right now feels like tough love could end up being good for the girls like those "scared straight" episodes of The Maury Povich Show

Either way, what would Backpack think?