SMOKE: Dutch Treat

This pine scented Amsterdam coffee shop staple comes on like gangbusters. It's a tasty smoke that stimulates the mind and gets the wheels turning fast. Perfect for aiding with creative endeavors and relieving stress or getting sucked in to your favorite show. The nugs are sticky and thick.

Do This


Now here's a REAL Dutch treat! Literally. This cake-like bread is made with cinnamon and ginger and it's super delicious. Hook yourself up with a tall glass of milk, and you're in pairing heaven, my dude.


These are sweet, tiny Dutch pancakes with powdered sugar and butter. People often dip them in jams, but I bet you've got a better idea. Experiment with dips, buddy! I believe in you!


Dammmnnnnnnnn, bro! You ever snack on a stroopwafel?! These little pressed waffle-ish treats are insane! You're gonna love these things. You're gonna love 'em so much that you're gonna eat an entire bag of stroopwafel. A bag the size of a house. Your insides will turn to stroopwafel. You'll be like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in 'Ghostbusters' but instead of marshmallow it's just straight up stroopwafel. You'll be huge! People will friggin' fear you! You'll wield this great power to acquire even more stroopwafel to build your stroopwafel wife. Then you'll live happily ever after. Sounds pretty chill, right?