Fans Keep 'Toiletpaper' Photo Perversity Alive on Instagram

Wacked-out bliss.

Since 2010, Maurizio Cattelan and Pier Paolo Ferrari (two the most awesome, wacky, Italian artists since Michelangelo and Raphael) have teamed up to make Toiletpaper—a magazine that features original photos, fun with color, general creepiness. Think: Pee Wee Herman meets Saved by the Bell meets Andy Warhol meets Lisa Frank.

Since the magazine’s inception, there’s been a steady fanbase of Toiletpaper loyalists who can’t get enough of these perfectly off-the-wall 'zine photos. Now, iconic and iconoclastic Toiletpaper images live on Instagram for your enjoyment. There are plenty of fan accounts, copy-cat accounts, and hashtags to sift through everything Cattelan and Ferrari have to offer.

So unless you can drop cash on the 'zine itself, or want to buy some of the fantastic shit from their gift shop, you can start by fanning out on Instagram. 

You certainly won’t be disappointed.