Female Orgasms Exist Just to Get Women Loaded

Ladies love a good high, too.

The illusiveness and utter disagreements of how men and women differ might have finally been solved. According to a new study, titled "The Evolutionary Origin of Female Orgasm" and conducted by Gunter Wagner and Mihaela Pavličev of the Center for Prevention of Preterm Birth at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, men climax (seemingly on command) to get women pregnant, and women, well, they achieve orgasm to get high. 

See, for women, coming is for pleasure. And for men, who the fuck really knows because it’s so often and annoying. 

Today women are spontaneous ovulators—meaning they do not ovulate due to stimulation of intercourse by a male. Some mammals in the study, like cats, only produce a fertile egg when a boy cat wants to do it. But human women have seemingly evolved to not need men to produce any eggs, because we can do it on our own.

So, hey, nobody to blame for your lack of giving or receiving lady orgasms.

CNN says, "If female orgasm, by causing a hormonal surge, helped induce ovulation, this means it once played a direct role in reproduction. Over time, though, spontaneous ovulation evolved, rendering the female orgasm unnecessary."

So why then, do females still orgasm if they don’t need to?

Perhaps it’s for the high, pleasure, and happiness of it all. And there are no scientists (yet) who can disprove this theory.

But this latest research does shed light on the complicated world of women and their orgasming.

From the study

The low frequency of female orgasm—only a quarter of all women reliably achieve orgasm during intercourse—is not an individual woman's failing or a physical impossibility but a natural consequence of evolution.

So, hey, nobody to blame for your lack of giving or receiving lady orgasms.

Still, the female orgasm is shrouded in mystery, and despite all current and past research, there’s no biological explanation or answers for the current state of a woman getting off.

So, maybe we just like the high.