Finally You Can Drop Your iPhone in the Toilet and It’ll Be Fine

No more life-ruining bathroom trips.

Provided you have the money and wherewithal to procure Apple's newest high-end so-called smart phone, there’s no need to fear the dreaded phone drop into the toilet anymore. The newest iPhone 7 is water resistant. Apple claims the phone can soak in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes! Still, they say don’t be stupid and swim/take underwater selfies.

Also, to be clear, you probably shouldn’t dunk a phone in the toilet on purpose, because, well, that thing may eventually be positioned right up next to your lips, and your mom may be in the mood to kiss you on those lips one day soon.

From CNN Money

As promised, the iPhone 7 can survive water. To test it, I dunked it in the sink, a bowl and a Finding Dory kiddy pool. I let a hose run over it for a few minutes, too, and spilled (cold) coffee on top. I did not dunk it in the toilet—a common fate for many phones tumbling out of pockets—because that is gross. Water resistance is the feature I've longed for the most. It's right up there with a significant improvement in battery life, but actually realistic. I'm giddy about this addition.

Let's hope giddy is an overstatement of the CNN Money writer's actual feelings. If any aspect of an iPhone makes you actually giddy, your horizons need expanding.