Five On It: Honors Talks Creative Balance, Party Drugs, and Toronto's Hot Spots

The Toronto-based R&B act talks 'Honors,' and what is next to come.

Toronto-based Honors has been making waves and getting mad press since the four-piece alternative R&B act debuted their video for "Over." The visual work is a stimulating splash of serotonin-inducing light and vivid color, cut so as to tell the story of two lovers wandering the streets of Tokyo, Japan. 

As put so magniloquently by Ones To Watch:

"In the 'Over' music video, we are immersed in the story of two seemingly-lost souls as they maneuver through the beautifully chaotic city of Tokyo, Japan. Experiencing feelings ranging from loneliness, to drug-induced highs, to curious exploration and ultimately a tragically flawed romance, the cinematic ebbs and flows of the track draw us in for the whole journey. The video was directed by Kid. Studio, who has produced content for the The Weeknd, Big Sean, 6lack, Majid Jordan, and Roy Wood."

Following the success from the ever-so-dreamy "Over" video, Honors released their latest single "Say Yes". We caught up the group to answers five quick hit questions on creative balance, and what's next on the horizon for the group. 

KINDLAND: From where do you draw your creativity and artistic inspiration?

HONORS: It is a balance. As songwriters and producers, we try and be disciplined, and work every day. But sometimes, the best ideas just come when you're not expecting it, and you just have to be open to that.

KINDLAND: Why music?

HONORS: There doesn't seem to be much of a choice. It's what we all love to do. 

KINDLAND: Favorite party drug?

HONORS: Let's keep it simple and say alcohol.

KINDLAND: Hot tips for the best spots in Toronto?

HONORS: Toronto is on fire right now. So many good bars and restaurants. 416 Snack Bar, Local Kitchen, New Ho King (for late Chinese), someone's kitchen or rooftop patio.

KINDLAND: What's next?

HONORS: EP in the fall, and then out on the road for as long as possible.