Good Eats: Venice Food Tour

Dining and not dashing in the town where Iggy Pop says, "The debris meets the sea."

My husband, Bronson, and I love to eat. It's our precious bonding time. Some tasty food and a good cocktail is everything to us. We love talking about our next meal, even while eating. I know, it's ridiculous, but true. 

We trekked out on a local day of good eats and tasty drinks in one of our favorite neighborhoods: Venice, California. 

1. Cerveteca

523 Rose Ave
Venice, CA 90291

After an evening cocktail (me, martini, and Bronson, vodka & ginger beer), we decided we wanted fish tacos and wings. Yeah that goes together, right?! Honestly, we crave this place daily. We love sitting at the bar, which has a full view of the kitchen. We love to see the chefs work. It's truly an art. And we appreciate the hard work. Handmade tortillas, and fresh everything. 

2. Gjelina Take Away

1427 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

We often ride our bikes to Abbott Kinney in Venice. It's a nice 15-minute ride, but it's also home to great shops and a few meals that can't be missed. We came upon GTA one night because it was late, nothing was open, and Bronson wanted a sandwich, which he often does. And well, the outcome is that we have to come here weekly now. This time we went back for lunch on a Saturday afternoon. We left full and happy. 

3. Dudley Market

9 Dudley Ave
Venice, CA 90291

I walk and ride through the Venice alleys on a daily basis. Either for exercise or to sneak away to my favorite vintage shop in Venice. On one of my walks, I noticed a new restaurant that had just opened. What intrigued me was the New York City appearance from the outside. Brick, old but new. Just something about it reminded me of my favorite city on earth; so I peeked through the window and decided it was a must try. By the time I got back home, it was time for dinner; so I grabbed the husband, and we went back. And were we pleasantly surprised. A new favorite within a 5-minute ride from our house. The dining room is tiny, but we ordered pasta and bites ($4), and they were delicious.