SMOKE: Granddaddy Purple

A cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud born in the Golden State. This dense, purple bud is covered in crystals and blasts you with a euphoric mental high while gluing you to your seat. The strain boasts delicious grape and berry flavors and is perfect for increasing appetite and relieving stress, aches, and pains.

Do This

Bean Bag Chair

This is the ultimate bean bag strain. Plop down into a robust bag of polystyrene beads, flip on a lava lamp, queue up "Planet Earth," or throw on your favorite record. If you really wanna go all-out, just fill your entire dang room with bean bags. When did bean bags go out of style? Everything should be bean bags. Bean Bags for President.

Grandaddy (band)

Roll up some Granddaddy Purple and put on any of this indie rock band's albums and you'll immediately be transported to a synthy, digital cloudbank, stimulated and relaxed. Standout tracks include: "A.M. 180," "Crystal Lake," "It's On," and "Skateboarding Saves Me Twice."

Purple Drank

If you like the lethargic, relaxed feeling of the Granddaddy Purp, then why not double down and flip the slow-mo switch with a nice, tasty glass of promethazine and codeine? You'll be the most relaxed person in the room, just half-lidded, blissed out, getting your lean on. So relaxed in fact you might just slump over into a puddle of zzzzzs. Or a puddle of DEATH: Chris Penn, DJ Screw, Pimp C, and the pre-alien version of Lil Wayne all died from this drug. LEANER BE WARNED.