Gucci + Gia Coppola Remake a Dreamy Greek Myth

Palo Alto director Gia Coppola and Gucci have remade a tragic love story and maybe the world's saddest Greek Myth: The Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice.

In this four-part short video series, Coppola flaunts all of Gucci's nature-magic-color-nineties inspired clothes and plays with an ancient love story. 

According to the famed Greek myth, awesome lyre player Orpheus descends to the underworld to retrieve his beloved wife, Eurydice, who steps on a poisonous snake and dies after being chased by Aristaeus. Hades is so impressed with Orpheus's musical talents that he allows him to take Eurydice back to the real word. Well, with one major condition: Eurydice is to follow Orpheus while walking out to the light, but he can’t look behind. Or, she will return straight back to the underworld. 

"Cupid Inspiring Plants with Love,” a plate from Robert Thornton’s Temple of Flora via The Agenda

Every moving part of the Gucci Pre-Fall line promo is dreamy—especially the music. Dev Hynes of Blood Orange composed the melodic (sort of sad) sounds for the short film, and it's not lacking. 

More Blood Orange to fill your soul: 

The line itself looks like something out of mythology too. The inspiration is packed with odes to old nature charts and garden animals looming in a far-off distance. 

From Gucci's the Agenda

Slithering snakes, blooming flowers and golden bumblebees, the animal and nature symbols Alessandro Michele casts over his collections are modern day totems that complement the House’s codes. Fascinated by nature’s physical and spiritual beauty, Alessandro Michele has planted a thriving Gucci Garden since taking over as creative director. Wistful creatures and romantic blooms create a compelling allegory, appearing amongst extravagant color, print and embellishment.

So pick your poison, your favorite animal, or your favorite plant, and decide which Gucci Pre-Fall piece will be on the top of your wish list. I'm gunning for that garden-party pink wedding dress, real wedding or not.

All photos courtesy The Agenda via Gucci.