SMOKE: Headband

Headband is a pungent, earthy hybrid strain that descends from OG Kush and Sour Diesel. It jumpstarts relaxation and pushes stress away, like the chill fashion accessory it's named after pulling the hair from your eyes. And similar to the physical effects of wearing one, users sometimes report a ring of slight pressure around the skull. This is more of a pleasing tingle than an annoying pressure, referred to in some circles as "the high hat."

Do This

Look at pictures of Stevie Nicks

Much like Headband, even looking at pictures of Stevie Nicks relieves stress and induces relaxation. The euphoria and uplift one feels while smoking this strain can equally be replicated by merely viewing images of this spooky, amber goddess. Bonus: She wears a lot of headbands, so that tracks.

Make some fashions

You can easily fashion a headband from a strip of old shirt, or turn a crummy bandana into a chic headscarf. Don't stop there, though. With a pair of scissors almost anything is possible. Shirts become tank and tube tops, jeans into jorts, cowboy boots into cowboy sandals, etc. Make a pile of clothes you were likely going to toss out anyway and create a whole new wardrobe. Or donate them to those in need, whatever!


When was the last time you really, like, rocked out, man? 'Cause it feels good. Really good. Get the Led out. Kick out the jams. If you've got long hair you can tie it back with a headband or let it rip unencumbered. Push the volume to 11 and start wildin' out, just crackin' your skull back and forth like a crazy whip. Headbang until your worries fall out of your ears. Headbang until you can't hear the hum of sadness that reverberates from the earth's crust. Headbang until your head falls off.