Hey Look! Your Favorite Drug Cartel Is on Social Media!

Is this really what killed MySpace?

The greatest thing about social media is it allows you to connect with almost anyone on the fricken’ planet. This reach ranges from famous movie stars and scientists to members of violent dug cartels and their offspring.

That’s right, members of dangerous drug cartels love and utilize social media to promote themselves. You can friend them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. These men use social media in the same way that you or I do. But instead of posting photos of what they ate for dinner or cute kittens, these enterprising gents post the fruits of the high-life; such as fat bundles of cash, pet lions (or tigers), gold-plated assault rifles, and zip-locked bags brimming with weed.

It’s all about flaunting money, money, money and power, power, power on social media.

In an age where your average Jack in the Box employee can get fired for posting a racy photo online, how does it play out when offspring of some of the most notorious and dangerous drug cartel honchos boastfully post social media photos that promote all things drugs, money, and lavish lifestyle? These narco spawn are simply rubbing our noses in it, aren’t they?

El Chapo is the Mexican drug lord who heads the Sinaloa Cartel and is Mexico’s wealthiest and most powerful drug lord. He’s almost untouchable. In February, El Chapo (legal name Joaquín Guzmán Loera) escaped from a maximum-security prison via a 4,921-foot tunnel. El Chapo is nowhere to be found. That’s not the case with his sons, Alfred and Ivan, who are on Twitter with thousands of followers.

Ivan Guzman clocks in with 108k followers. To protect the innocent (or not innocent), a lot of people featured in Ivan’s photos have their faces blocked out or pixelated. For example, these two lovely bikini-clad ladies are enjoying the company of this anonymous white-faced man.

And why not post a joyous moment shared by two pixelated men:

Ivan’s Twitter updates disclose his opinions on such people as Donald Trump—who has personally threatened Ivan’s father and is hashtagged in this message:

Cuide sus palabras mi guero porque la tierra y el cielo son del mismo nivel que andamos todos.”

Which loosely translates to: “Watch your words, my guero, because the earth and the sky are at the same level that walk all.”

And then there’re plenty of photos of guns, guns, guns:

The profile on Serafin Zambada’ s Twitter account includes this casual admission: “Seraphim Zambada is a Mexican drug trafficker and son of Ismael The May Zambada, one of the leaders of the Sinaloa cartel.”

Fair enough. But how good is Serafin with his social media? Well, he does have more than 4,700 followers. We learn what he likes—lots of gold-plated assault weapons:

And booze:

Those are the only two tweets he’s put out into the world; so I would say Serafin doesn’t really utilize the medium, other than to tell the world he loves booze and assault weapons. A 2013 arrest might be why this account has been cleansed. Previously, Serafin posted photos of stacks and stacks of peso notes with simple messages such as: “Weighing the cash.”

In a court case, that might be referred to as “evidence.”

On the other hand, the Twitter account for El Chino Anthrax—one of the most brutal of all Mexican drug cartel hitmen—looks like something straight out of Scarface. With 42k followers, El Chino stands in front of a Rolls-Royce in his profile pic (though his face is blurred). His photos provide all things guns, pet tigers and, for some reason, Paris Hilton.

So social media is all about boasting of the narco lifestyle, which has violently killed thousands and thousands of people. Society fears these men, but here they are; just a mere click away. It’s strongly suggested never troll their sites or engage in a Twitter battle with these men. It could turn into a real, genuine battle.