How To Make THC-A Tincture At Home

Have you ever tried THC-A? Otherwise known as the bio-synthetic, pre-decarboxylated  precursor to THC––the change occurs either over time, or when cannabis is ignited. #WeedScience. 

The mostly non-psychoactive cannabinoid lends itself to a reduction in anxiety, pain relief and has anti-inflammatory, and anti-emetic properties is sometimes consumed in a crystalline format, which as some KINDLAND editors have experienced, the blissful feelings elicited may even be so blissful you'll barely notice you’ve stepped aboard the bliss train. 

But say you're not into dabbing weed crystals. Why not try a tincture? 

According to YouTuber Tina DeSilvio, manufacturing homemade THC-A tincture––which might be especially useful for insomniacs, cancer patients, and seizure sufferers––is really as simple as swishing your weed in alcohol, filtering it through a cheese cloth, and scraping away the resin. After perfecting a THC-A tincture for her daughter (who suffers from seizures), DeSilvio decided to share her technique with the broader cannabis community. Tina, you're seriously the best

Catch Tina in the kitchen via the video above to see how you can get the most out of your weed, and head to her channel for a detailed recipe