MoonMan's Mistress Co-Founder Liz Rudner Talks Healthy Edibles

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Imagine if you could get an edible cookie that was actually good for you beyond the addition of medical cannabis? Something that was hand crafted with high-quality ingredients and was paleo, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and low-glycemic - but still tasty. Enter MoonMan's Mistress, the California based company that is re-defining infused snacking. The company's brand promise is to provide the healthiest, most taste worthy edibles made with authenticity through quality ingredients that nourish the body and spirit, and education that strengthens the mind. This week, we chat with Liz Rudner, co-founder and half of the MM team about healthy living and eating well.

“We are healers, not dealers.”

What inspired Moonman's Mistress?

It was born out of necessity since there was a lack of healthy products in the cannabis space. Without Cannabis and a change in my diet, who knows where my health journey would have gone? I feel so fortunate I didn’t listen to the doctors since I have always used Cannabis to manage my pain and depression. As an educator of real food and movement, our company (of two) also practices what we preach. Jamel and I believe in the paleo lifestyle and are very active. We defy the “lazy stoner” stigma and want to change this stigma people have about the space. We are healers, not dealers.

You mentioned that you can speak to experience of autoimmune disease, does that inform your messaging with MM?

Creating a product for people with dietary restrictions was one of our main reasons for creating the product. Having an auto-immune disease comes with many challenges, especially around food. One of our mission values was to create a wellness brand that really catered to dietary restrictions. To live well you must eat well and move well.

The products are gluten, soy, and dairy free as well as paleo and low-glycemic, can you tell us why these characteristics are so important to a healthy lifestyle?

It all starts with food. We really believe you can heal your body with food. We carefully source ingredients that do not cause inflammation in the body. Inflammation is a huge issue for a lot of people, whether it's caused by a wide range of auto-immune diseases, PTSD, cancer, dementia - all types of inflammation.

Your packaging is really incredible. Not only are the boxes recycled, the bags are biodegradable but also include a QR code that takes the consumer to a web page sharing lab results. Why did you include this feature?

As a wellness brand, you need to be 100% transparent. We really care about our end users. We want them to feel confident they are getting the highest quality product available to them. Also, we do our best to be environmentally sustainable and responsible. Just like we only have one body to live in, we only have one planet to live on.

MM products are both healthy and environmentally friendly, and as a company, you are socially conscious and community minded. Who or what are some of the community groups that you work with?

Operation EVAC is a non-profit that is a support group for veterans. Because Jamel is a veteran, we wanted to give back and have been involved with them since their fruition. We work with Parkinson's patients and Alzheimer’s caregivers. Within the Cannabis Community, we've been involved with Ganja Yoga, 420 Games, and Spark the Conversation, which are all great advocacy/community-based groups that are helping educate and empower the benefits of Cannabis.

You've worked with the same cultivators for years, tell us about the cannabis that you use in your baking.

We are very fortunate to have a strong partnership with Dirt Ninja Farm. Both of our company’s values align on so many levels. We truly care about the earth AND the end user. Respect for the process, consideration around sustainability and best growing practices are all in sync to create our products. It truly is a labor of love within both companies and it shows in our synergies.

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