Switch Up Your Herb Game With This Weedy Lavender Bath Scrub

Your bathtub just became a spa.

So, you can smoke it, eat it, vape it, and wear it, but have you ever thought to soak your body in weed? If you’ve had one of those long, stressful days, taking a hot, weedy bath can be just the thing to help you unwind and snag some all-important “me time.” But you don’t need to go rushing to your nearest dispensary to get the real deal. All you need for a DIY spa experience is some salt, coconut oil, lavender, and weed.

Of course, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to whip up a high-quality bath scrub, but the key here is to load up on quality ingredients. Lavender, for instance, has a long history of being used all over the world as a natural perfume, cleaning product, and medicinal ingredient. And when it comes to wellness, there are no limits to what lavender can do, whether it’s relieving stress, healing headaches, or moisturizing dry skin. Pair that up with coconut oil, which contains vitamin E and antibacterial properties, and you’ve got a winning combination.

Here’s the deal for making your very own spa-quality bath scrub.

To Grab:

• 2 teaspoons lavender, either store-bought essential oil or a DIY oil infusion a la LEVO
• 1/2 cup coconut oil
• 1/2 cup salt
• 1 tablespoon hemp seed oil or your own weed infusion using the magic that is the LEVO

Tips: Use coarse sea salt if you’re looking for a scrub that will dissolve in your bath and fine sea salt if you’re looking rub it on your skin for a little exfoliation action. Of course, you can always use Epsom salt as well, which is great for softening skin.

If you want to go really nuts, feel free to add extra Vitamin E oil, olive oil, almond oil, or whatever pleasantly scented essential oils you have on hand. Variations on this recipe are highly encouraged.

To Make:

If you haven’t already, brew some lavender oil in your LEVO machine by filling the pod about 2/3 of the way full with dried lavender flowers. It’s worth noting that if you want to make some extra oil, it can be used for everything from a skin moisturizer to an add-in to your summer lemonade—classy, we know.

Add coconut oil to LEVO basin, set temperature to 175°F and time to 30 minutes, as recommended by LEVO's infusion calculator. Once it’s done infusing, dispense the oil into a jar. Add the sea salt, hemp or weed oil, and any other special ingredients you like.

Add sea salt to lavender-infused coconut oil

Stir until incorporated and that’s pretty much it. The salt will probably settle to the bottom at first, but don't panic. After you place the closed jar in the fridge for 15 minutes and stir the contents again to better incorporate the sea salt, you’ll be well on your way to Spa Town. As far as storage goes, keep your concoction in a cool place out of sunlight. If the coconut oil does happen to melt (it's a hot summer), simply toss it back in the fridge and stir it up before you’re ready for a bathtub chill sesh. 

Recipe and images courtesy of Hempsley.