With LEVO, Making Cannabis Oil at Home Is Easy, Safe, and Sexy

Or, you can make weed butter if you like butter better.

If you are the type of adventurous, partially informed marijuana consumer who has sprinkled ground flower into a Duncan Hines brownie mix, heated until firm, and consumed the results straight out of the oven, then you are acquainted with disappointment.

Also, you really should know by now that the psychoactive and healing effects of cannabis cannot be experienced through oral ingestion unless the process of decarboxylation has taken place.

So, you can either research the meaning of that six-syllable word, or you can get on the waiting list for a LEVO, which will probably be easier and more effective at delivering a buttery, infused, cannabis-activated cuisine to please both palate and psyche.

From a LEVO promotional email:

LEVO, a Denver-based startup, has just launched a kitchen appliance for infusing oil and butter with herbs (really any herb, but you can guess the most popular kind). Unlike other products for infusing, LEVO doesn’t require emulsifiers or harsh chemicals to clean. And did we mention it’s dishwasher safe? We truly aim to bring back control to the consumer—control over consumption, ingredients, and strength.

LEVO was initially developed in New York City, but in 2015 shifted operations to Denver, Colorado, for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who knows why that town is referred to as the Mile High City. The LEVO company is female founded. Please refrain from any sexist assumptions about women in general knowing best when it comes to conceptualizing and executing paradigm-shifting upgrades of kitchen appliances, although these particular women do seem to know best.

The LEVO bullet-point parade of promises include:

• Infuse any herb with any butter or oil.
• No muss no fuss seamlessly automated infusion.
• High degree of cost effectiveness.
• Strain-specific infusion tailored to your taste or need.
• No burned oil.
• No messy double boiler.
• Your kitchen will become the most popular kitchen on the block.

We just received our first LEVO to try out at KINDLAND and can't wait to create our own edibles (and write about it). 

What are you waiting for? The leafy brownies to kick in? Move on!

Take a look at the LEVO website and, if you have a little less than 200 bucks of discretionary income and a vision of an effusive butter-infused future, sign up for the ultimate lit kitchen implement.