SMOKE: Jack Herer

Jack Herer, named after one of the biggest marijuana activists of our time, has been a standard for excellence since the 1990s when it was first bred in the Netherlands.

Do This

The Emperor Wears No Clothes (book)

A veritable encyclopedia of the marijuana plant in all its forms written by the man himself, Jack Herer.

Embrace hemp

Herer advocated an agricultural overhaul wherein humanity would rely more heavily on the industrious hemp plant as a less expensive and more eco-friendly alternative to other mainstream crops. You could make a hemp bracelet or lanyard while you're sitting there not changing the world or whatever else it is you do while you're reading this.

No, really embrace hemp

Jack Herer is a great strain for blissful focus, which will come in handy as you till the earth and gladly swing your scythe high into the blazing sun while tending to your gigantic hemp field where your hemp house sits with all your hemp furniture and hemp clothing and hemp bedsheets and hemp wife and hemp dog.