Kanye's 'Wolves' Video Is a Weird Cry Fest

Kanye dropped a video for "Wolves," and it's a lot like what you might expect: Dark, twisted, models, Kim K, and paparazzi. And wolf eyes. And lots and lots of fake, Vaseline-like tears. Face grabs and butt grabs. 

Also, it seems that Kanye and amazing-crier Kim K are crying so hard because the world is watching them—all the time— according to them. Psssssssh.

Still, the video is dark. Music is good. It's sponsored/made with Balmain and features some of Kanye's latest and greatest collab digs. And according to Kanye, Kimmie, his beloved big-assed muse, is an actress now.

Look, everyone, stop attacking Kanye and his brood (that he compared to Jesus + company.)