@KylieJennerDoesStuff Is Your New Favorite Instagram Account

The youngest of the Kardashian clan tries out new hobbies

It can be hard to remember a time before the youngest of the Kardashian brood, lil’ Kylie Jenner, had taken the world by storm with a pair of fake lips. She now rivals big sis Kim in followers on Twitter and Instagram, where she regularly posts a stream of selfies to her 44.4 million followers. Kylie’s normally pouting to camera, showing off her bod and the flashy sports cars she’s able to purchase at 18 years old. It’s… a lot.

This is exactly why the world needed L.A. comedian Ben Siemon’s new Instagram account, @kyliejennerdoestuff, which Photoshops out little Ky’s ubiquitous cell phone—forever in selfie-snap position—and replaces it with all kinds of wild objects. Siemon’s had his muse playing a pan flute, separating her recyclables, playing Magic the Gathering, making pottery, and so much more.

Here are some of The Kind’s favorites from Siemon’s bevy of Kylie pics, for your enjoyment.

1) Kylie playing a pan flute.

2) Kylie playing Magic the Gathering

3) Kylie walking on hot lava

4) Kylie giving a sponge bath to an elderly woman

5) Kylie ringing the bell and holding the holiday charity bucket for the Salvation Army 

6) Kylie lighting the menorah

7) Kylie making sand art from a kit