SMOKE: L.A. Confidential

This popular strain is an amazingly well-rounded indica named after James Ellroy's noir L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, and it's just as dark and lush.

Do This

L.A. Confidential (film)

This strain won't give you couchlock but it definitely requires you to slow things down a bit. Sink into a cloud of California noir with Curtis Hanson's excellent film adaptation of Ellroy's novel.

Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles

If you're up for getting out of the house, take a tour of L.A. through the stories of noir king Raymond Chandler: http://esotouric.com/chandler/

Hide the gun

LA Confidential is a good strain, a sturdy strain, a take-a-stab-at-the-whiskey-and-stay-a-while-kid, strain. You might need it. Hide the gun. It's an indica, sure, but it's got creative qualities. And if they find the gun you'll be up in Quentin by the weekend. After you hide that steel bastard, roll another one and calm down. Let the euphoric, sleepy wave roll over you like the Santa Anas. Try to forget. Try to forget his awful face, grimacing in the moonlight, as he fell to his knees clutching his gut, the gunshot echoing through the hills, his last breath, now in your head just as loud as the traffic on Hollywood Boulevard.