Izumi Miyazaki Is Queen of the Surreal Selfie

Guts, gore, and every other bizarre thing.

Japanese photographer Izumi Miyazaki knows exactly how to take the perfect selfie, full of gore, curiosity, and humor. She’s 22, and a recent graduate of Musashino Art University. Her mix of photography and photoshop make for some of the most entertaining and interesting selfies around town—town being the worldwide jurisdiction of the Internet.

Miyazaki claims she’s unsure of any major political statement that her work makes, even about her own Japanese culture, but she agrees that society at home and abroad must somehow play into what she’s doing. What she’s doing is coming up with insane, beautiful, and truly weird ways to look at herself through her camera lens.

Miyazaki’s not even sure she has a photography style, or so she says.

"I try to do what I want do, when I want to do it. I don't really have a guideline or any steps that I like to follow. It is likely that one could classify me into one kind of style or another, but I just try to work in the moment,” she tells CNN

A quick stroll through her Tumblr or a deep dive into fan photos on Instagram, and it’s clear that Miyazaki is on to something major. And interesting. And real. And you don’t want to miss it.