OK Go Get Lifted In Zero Gravity Music Video

OK Go, a band now more famous for its creative music videos than its songs, has one-upped themselves again, this time with a zero gravity routine filmed on a parabolic flight.

The band, along with two dancing flight attendants, perform a captivating floating routine. The video was directed by OK Go's frontman, Damian Kulash, and his sister, Trish Sie.

The two spoke to Red Bull about how they pulled it off.

In each flight you have 15 parabolas and in each parabola you have 20 seconds of double gravity, then 50 seconds of weightlessness and few minutes of setting it all up again. So to make it one take, we took eight of these in a row over 40-45 minutes.

And here's a short review of the video by The Kind's own astrologist, Aubrey Bellamy: