This Video Literally Melts Every Crazy Thing Short of Your Mind

One of the most oddly satisfying sources of recurring and thematic content on YouTube right now is the Let's Melt This channel. It's hot.

A compilation video assembled by the Let's Melt This creators (now playing directly above this type) has been inventoried by Boing Boing as containing:

Melting A Giant Jawbreaker, Melting A Sock With Sulfuric Acid, Melting A Light Bulb, Melting A Golf Ball With A Welding Torch, and Melting An iPad With A Mini Foundry.

The Let's Melt This serial melters have yet to melt everything you could possibly imagine being melted. They realize that more is yet to be melted, and they are open to suggestion. "What do you want to see us melt next?," they ask. "Leave your suggestions in the comment section below. Who know's [sic] maybe we will melt your suggestion for our next video!"

Just don't suggest the polar ice caps or a tuna or banana. These people are doing oddly satisfying serious work and do not deserve to be pestered with joke requests.