When KATY Goes On A Date With Mary Jane, It’s Pure Magic

This romance is one for the ages.

If you’ve been cruising through the content on this site, you’ve likely heard of nootropics and you’ve definitely heard of weed. But if you’ve never thought to try the two together, buckle up, because the experience is entirely unique and could likely have you cruising through life on a higher plane. To catch you up, nootropics—aka “smart drugs”—are legal supplements combined or “stacked” to elevate specific mental functions and cognition and can enhance certain experiences. Whether you’re looking to feel more creative, improve your focus, or sharpen your memory, there is certainly a nootropic designed to deliver.

KATY, for instance, is a brand of nootropic blends designed to boost dopamine and serotonin levels, empowering users to be more engaged, and are best used while attending various experiences that rely on the senses. Whether those experiences be everyday or extraordinary, KATY can amp up the joy factor, making her Molly’s legal, and more refined, younger sister. 

So, you can only imagine what the results might be from bringing cannabis into the mix. Based on firsthand experience, the combo is straight fire. Dosing with KATY before a standard smoke sesh left us more attuned to weed’s groovy mental adjustments. And frankly, we didn't even feel weird. Popping a KATY (or two) before low-dosing with an indica-dominant edible helped turn down the couch-lock vibes for a mellow but functional high. And unlike actual Molly, which is dangerous to combine with anything let alone take on its own, you can layer KATY and weed without worrying about your basic survival. Essentially, you get the best of both worlds: an upbeat, energetic high without the consequences. 

“You are able to create the perfect storm of both neurological performance and a wonderful body high. . ."

But why take it from us when you can hear the science behind the combo directly from the source? 

According to the mastermind behind Limitless Life's formulations, nootropics can influence your CB1 and CB2 receptors similarly to THC and CBD (the fun, and therapeutic compounds found in cannabis) but from a variety of angles. Though present in many parts of the body, CB1 receptors are primarily located in the brain while CB2 receptors can be found in your immune system. Little did we know, our guts produce the vast majority of our serotonin levels, but with a little help from weed and nootropics, you can achieve better connectivity between the “happy hormone” producers in your gut and your brain. In effect, “you are able to create the perfect storm of both neurological performance and a wonderful body high,” Limitless tells us.


Depending on which nootropic stacks one takes, the smart drugs can either dull, or enhance certain aspects of your weedy treats. For instance, Limitless says, “KATY can remove the paranoia sometimes present in sativa strains. So you can revel in the creativity and focus, without the overhead of potential anxiety.” Alternatively, KATY can enhance the euphoric and calming qualities of indica strains, while keeping the couch lock on low, something Limitless and the team designed specifically.

“Designer nootropics can be blended to touch on multiple areas of the brain,” says Limitless, “modulating the effects of cannabis any way you want.” It’s even possible to tailor a nootropic stack to your body’s specific cannabinoid responses and needs.

With so many possibilities for nootropic feels, it’s a relief to know manufacturers of capsules such as KATY, have not had as hard of a time finding the acceptance leaders in the cannabis industry still struggle to obtain. According to Limitless, that might have been different just ten years ago, but thanks to Silicon Valley’s early adoption of nootropics, and the dwindling stigma surrounding cannabis, the supplements have been largely embraced. 

Limitless experienced this somewhat surprising revelation firsthand, after gifting KATY samples to the employees at his favorite local Chipotle restaurant. The father of one of the employees called Limitless late that night incensed and alerted the local authorities. To Limitless’s surprise, the police were receptive to the product’s benefits after checking out its contents (which, again, are all perfectly legal).

In Limitless’s words,

“We believe custom nootropic solutions like KATY will someday be the norm. They will allow people to select their optimum performance or mood, without the fear of addiction—or the downside of post-party withdrawals and neurological degradation.”

Moving forward, the Limitless Life team look forward to rolling out an equally dope product line specifically for pot enthusiasts. Tentatively named DoobieDew and DoobieDust, both products are designed to intensify your weed-consuming experience—by as much as 300 percent. While DoobieDew comes from liquid form you can spray on joints prior to lighting, DoobieDust is a fine powder you can mix into the flower itself. However you do it, adding that extra step will certainly get you more bang for your buck—perfect for those who’ve built up a tolerance and are spending mad cash on Mary Jane.

Case in point: If you’re looking to take your weed game to new heights or dabble in the sci-fi alchemy of nootropics, consider taking KATY and Mary Jane on a night out. Unlike most blind dates, you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised.

This article was produced in partnership with Limitless Life.