Live Orchestra Plays Music Made by Real Vegetables

The Vegetable Orchestra, an Austrian musical ensemble, is nothing short of fascinating, kind of gross, and magical all at once. First the orchestra members shop for the perfect veggies, then they spend three hours creating the perfect veggie instruments, then they have an incredibly long sound check.

For the actual show, these people play real (really good) music while potent wafts of vegetable drift through the very small theater. For the encore, the orchestra cooks up the remaining fresh veggies into a delicious soup and serve it to the audience. A bizarre, but overwhelmingly pleasing experience.

The Vegetable Orchestra has been around since 1998, and one thing is very clear: They are not all vegans. Apparently, this question is so frequently asked that the orchestra players are very tired of hearing it. If you must know, the first vegetable instrument was a tomato.

Currently, they are on their Onionoise tour, hehe, get it?