Lucky Edibles Raises the Bar on Cannabis Packaging Through Art & Design

For additional information, check out www.luckyedibles.com

Lucky Edibles, a Colorado-based cannabis-infused mint company, is set to unveil new branding for all products this December. The new designs will reflect Lucky Edibles' upbeat and vibrant vision as well as its mission to provide innovative, responsible, and consistent cannabis-infused flavored mints to Colorado and Nevada residents.

While the original childproof bottle will undergo few changes, the bottles will now be enclosed in packaging that adheres to the most current labeling standards within the industry. Lucky Edibles’ new, colorful packaging will feature a sleek and artistically charged design, eye-catching to anyone seeking a top-of-the-line edible cannabis product. The front of the packaging will contain original surrealist artwork designed to give each flavor of mints their very own personality. It will also include the mandatory THC warning symbol and dosage. Lucky's products have been compliant with the October 1st, 2016 labeling requirements since April of this year, and they were the first company in Colorado to be fully compliant with labeling requirements for all products on the market.

To accompany the upgraded packaging, Lucky Edibles will launch a new spearmint flavor, which consumers can expect to be a cool and refreshing addition. Lucky Edibles currently come in key lime, fruit punch and peppermint flavors, all which contain no gluten, no dairy, zero calories, and are vegan. Each mint contains 10mg of THC and there are 100mg in each bottle.

"We are thrilled to be a part of the cannabis movement, and our new designs reflect both what is in the bottle and who we are as a company. We are consistent, innovative, and responsible at all levels. But, responsibility means opaque, child-resistant, and frankly bland packaging. We were able to keep our products in a discreet and compact child resistant container, and at the same time amplify our shelf presence through art. We want you to have an "experience" just by looking at the bottle that will reflect the product itself." Jon Fernandez, Chief Commercial Officer, Lucky Edibles.


Lucky Edibles will also launch a revamped website that will go live this December in conjunction with the introduction of the new packaging. The updated website will bring the company's mission and vision to life by educating consumers about the brand’s flavorful products, organic ingredients, and in-house grow practices, and providing general resources and information about edibles and the cannabis industry.

For additional information on Lucky Edibles and to check out the new look, check out www.luckyedibles.com.