SMOKE: Northern Lights

A classic indica strain. Evoking its namesake, Northern Lights is relaxing, euphoric, and dreamy.

Do This

Frequency (film)

This supernatural thriller from 2000 let's a man commune with his dead father 20 years in the past thanks to a CB radio affected by a rare occurrence of the Northern Lights over Queens. It stars Jim Caviezel and Dennis Quaid and manages to create some compelling and creative suspense.


If you're trapped under light pollution get out of the city for a night. If you live somewhere with clear skies, take advantage of it and buy a telescope (they don't have to be expensive to enhance the naked eye a good deal). Bring a blanket and lie down in a peaceful meadow and contemplate the cosmos.


When was the last time you got lit and listened to "Loveless"? That's always a good idea. Doubly so with this strain. Or Cocteau Twins. The Jesus and Mary Chain. Whichever fuzzy-droning-feelings-rock you wish to be wrapped up in. Yuck and Yo La Tengo are pretty good if you're into the letter 'Y'.