Now You Can Do a Tinkle in a Solid Gold Toilet

Pee or poo, it's all for the sake of 18-karat art.

It’s been five years since Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan retired from art, a surrender he announced by displaying virtually every piece of work he’d ever done that mattered at all at New York City's Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of art. But nothing can stop this guy, and he is now in a robust-to-manic phase of un-retirement.

Cattelan's latest piece, "America," is now up at the Guggenheim. The work is a perfectly solid gold, fully functioning toilet for you to shit in/on. Finally you too can pee like a 1 percenter or purge like a good ol’ rich bitch.

Nobody does bathroom stuff better that Cattelan—he’s been co-creating a mostly perfect and often wacky photography 'zine since 2010 called, fittingly, Toiletpaper

From the New Yorker

"This week, in a small rest room about two-thirds of the way up the spiral, the Guggenheim installed the first work of [Cattelan’s] un-retirement: a celestially glowing, fully functional, eighteen-karat solid-gold toilet. When the work goes public on Friday, a uniformed guard will be standing by the door to answer questions, and also, shall we say, to discourage souvenir takers. A discreet label on the wall outside provides the title, 'America.’ ”

Cattelan’s gold toilet will remain on view, and in use, forever, according to the guys at the Gugg. So go get dumping, even though this is going to be one hell of a bathroom line.