'Pin Kings': Two All Americans Take Opposite Sides in the Drug War

One thing proven by the 2016 Rio Olympic games is that the accepted sports-star narrative is always just one over-embellished incident away from running off course and tearing through the community of common homilies like a runaway locomotive. Pin Kings, a feature-length sports documentary from ESPN Front Row, is designed to jump the tracks from the start.

Playing out in Miami during that city's reign as cocaine capitol of North America, Pin Kings follows the unlikely progression of two All American champion wrestlers from suburban Florida's Palmetto High School. Without giving too much away, little grappler Kevin Pedersen grows up to become an undercover agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration, posing as a smuggler and money launderer in Europe and South America. Hulking body-slammer Alex DeCubas graduates to drug trafficking, facilitating the importation of up to half a billion dollars' worth of cocaine into the United States.

ESPN is positioning Pin Kings as a good guy versus bad guy, white hat versus black hat, kind of true-life morality tale. However, it's already been revealed that one of these characters was working undercover for the DEA, and the other was a coke dealer; so the mystery must be where the good guy comes in.