12 Killer Pot Facts to Drop in Your Next Conversation

If you can't know it all, at least know this:

If you have ever visited the 420-zoned sections of Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; or Denver, Colorado, or traversed Los Angeles, California’s Melrose Avenue, you have noticed storefronts bristling with iconic green signage. This preponderance of leafy-green neon indicates the presence of marijuana dispensaries.

The marijuana dispensary is a state-regulated outlet for selling legal cannabis to qualified customers. Everyone knows this fact. You will gain no “cool credits” by dropping it at a party or class reunion. Everyone in earshot will understand immediately that you possess no information of real value. Fishing for relevance, you are falsely positioning yourself as an interesting conversationalist. You will be shunned like a bore.

There is one sure way to evade this social leprosy. You need to stock up on poignant and piquant weed-dispensary facts. Study the list below, and you’ll impress marijuana-curious minds young and old:

1) Less than one-third of dispensary customers are women.

2) Consumers aged 25 to 29 make up the largest portion of dispensary customers.

3) The average age of female dispensary customers is 38.2 years old.

4) The median dollar amount spent in a dispensary transaction is 33 bucks.

5) The typical customer spends $645 on pot per year.

6) But 9.9 percent burn through $2,500 or more annually.

7) Women, on average, can go 21.5 days between weed purchases.

8) The basic male needs to re-up every 19.5 days.

9) Women, on average, spend $2 per trip more than men do, at $35 a stop.

10) Average men still manage to spend $13 more per year on weed than women do, at $647.

11) Consumers in their 50s spend, on average, $41 per trip and $753 per year.

12) Users in their 20s spend, on average, $27 per trip and $627 per year.

Thanks to marijuana intelligence service Headset for the sure-fire conversation sparkers.