A Comprehensive Infographic for the Global Weed Wonk

Can half-legal weed around the world teach Canada about full-legal weed?

Weed is the word of the day. And in Canada, the herb is on a fast track to legalizationRecently elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged to fully normalize cannabis consumption by 2017. His administration is reportedly actively working to keep that promise.

In May, a health insurance provider for Ontario's University of Waterloo said it would cover the costs of one student's medical marijuana. In February, Canada's largest chain of drug stores explored the possibility of selling weed. So it's no surprise that Canadians are asking themselves: What will a Canada where weed is legal, really look like?

Toronto law firm O'Neill Moon Quedado has provided post-prohibition options for Canada to consider with an infographic that compares and contrasts weed policies in the United States, Portugal, and The Netherlands. Perhaps our neighbor to the north can learn from the mistakes and smart moves of other countries and conduct its ongoing weed experiment with less explosive variables.

Marijuana Lessons for Canada: USA vs Portugal vs Netherlands
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