An American Weed Grower in Taiwan Commits Suicide at Court Sentencing

The man reportedly stabbed himself in the neck, in the courtroom, with scissors.

This week, in the bizarre and depressing: an American man living in Taiwan––Tyrel Martin Marhanka: teacher, father, husband, convicted cannabis cultivator,––stabbed himself in the neck with a pair of scissors, after being sentenced to 4 years in prison for growing pot, according to Taipei media.

Witnesses are reported as saying the bloody deed went down as such

"After the Changhua District Court judge read his ruling, Marhanka turned to the translator, who told him the sentence, before Marhanka was heard saying: 'Four years?' The translator told Marhanka that he could appeal the decision, but he replied: 'I don’t want to appeal.'
Becoming agitated, he yelled: 'I don’t want to live anymore,' took out two metal objects, and with one in each hand stabbed himself on both sides of the neck, severing the arteries, which gushed blood..."

Brutal. Marhanka was reportedly popped with "200 cannabis plants, 195 dried cannabis plants and 10 opium poppies at a rented house in Yongjing Township (永靖), Changhua County," before receiving the 4-year-sentence. 

Marhanka's cultivation and chemical collecting a said-to-be, self-described, "hobby."