British Police Discover Grow-Op Inside 'Impenetrable' Nuclear Bunker

Cops estimate the clandestine grow to be worth more than £1 million.

On Tuesday, a Wiltshire, England police unit raided a massive cannabis grow illegally operating inside of RGHQ Chilmark––an out-of-use, nuclear bunker built in the 1980s by the country's Ministry of Defense for dignitaries, local politicians, and Southwestern England's most bougie residents––should disaster ever strike. The raid uncovered thousands of marijuana plants in various stages of cultivation, which police estimate holds a value of more than £1 million.

Detective Inspector Paul Franklin said in a Wiltshire Police Department Report:

'There are approximately 20 rooms in the building, split over two floors, each 200ft long and 70 ft wide. Almost every single room had been converted for the wholesale production of cannabis plants, and there was a large amount of evidence of previous crops. This was an enormous set up.

'At this early stage of the investigation it is almost impossible to work out how many plants are inside, but we are talking thousands rather than hundreds and we would estimate the value of the crop at over £1 million. I am convinced it is one of the largest crops ever discovered in Wiltshire.'

More than being a cumbersome grab for the police, the raid on the RGHQ-Chilmark, which police described as "almost completely impenetrable," uncovered some seriously no chill information. According to the report, the grow was staffed by a team of gardeners, "aged 15, 19, and 37, all of no fixed abode," believed to be working against their own volition, victims of human trafficking. 

The RGHQ-Chilmark raid comes nearly one month after another clandestine and illegal cultivation site was discovered in a Legoland U.K. bungalow, accessed via the Crown Estate.