Bush Cousin Is Health Care CEO, Donates to Legal Pot

Weed is making for weird bedfellows.

In news that is both unexpected and a delight, Jonathan Bush, a health-industry CEO who is a cousin to George W. and Jeb Bush, has donated $10,000 to the Yes on 4 campaign for legal recreational marijuana in Massachusetts.

Jonathan Bush is a co-founder and the current head decider at Watertown-based healthcare company Athenahealth. Bush’s 10 grand contribution is a mere fraction of the nearly $2.5 million contributed to Yes on 4 in 2016's war chest, but the donation may have significance beyond the dollar amount.

Research findings indicate that the medical industry as a whole loses significant billing opportunities in states where some form of legal cannabis is available. Also, Bush is a member of a high-profile political family that is deeply vested, as far as appearances go, in a rigidly conservative worldview. Surely, Bush the health-care CEO and blood relation to Presidents and governors, must have some angle of self-interest in supporting legal weed.

From the Boston Globe:

Athenahealth spokeswoman Holly Spring confirmed Bush had made a personal donation to the campaign.
“He believes this is one of many freedoms Americans should have the right to,” Spring said in an e-mail.

Not to get all conspiracy theory, but don’t be surprised if Athenahealth has mapped out a move into patient and revenue management in the medical cannabis sector on a national scale. 

Bush almost certainly has an ulterior motive, but chances are his investment in legal weed is a donation toward a future that a lot of Americans will live easier in.