Facebook Livestream Captures 33 Casualties of Synthetic Weed

Don't try K2 at home, ever. Or anywhere else either.

Synthetic weed has not been a good friend to anyone, ever. As The KIND previously reported, "K2, also known as Spice, Black Mamba and Bombay Blue, is basically shredded herbs sprayed with a potent mix of chemicals. It is parceled out in a shiny plastic packet and often marketed as incense or a room deodorizer. Customers buy K2 to smoke the stuff, and it is widely used among homeless people in New York City.”

And now, like it or not, you can watch a livestream of K2's effects at the bottom of this post.

From Wired:

Yesterday in Brooklyn, 33 people from a single neighborhood wound up in the hospital after smoking synthetic marijuana. Those afflicted could barely hold themselves up. Some were outright sprawled across the pavement. Bystanders said it looked like a zombie flick. Cops and newspapers called the culprit K2.

The real twist of this knife to the heart isn’t just the fact that people are dying to get high as fuck on whatever they can. It’s that now, we love to capture every moment of our lives and share it on social media, no matter how harrowing.

This year Facebook has focused on its live-streaming video feature, enabling users to update their status in a live video format. As annoying as that sounds, Facebook says it's hoping that these "low-latency broadcasts will make the experience more engaging for broadcasters and viewers alike.” On top of that, according to the Facebook blog, the live video solves major traffic spikes that Facebook can’t handle, and it makes lives at FB HQ easier.

So, no filters. The Facebook streaming feature is raw and real. On Wednesday, July 6, site user Diamond Reynolds captured (live) the aftermath of cops shooting and killing her boyfriend, Philando Castile, in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. Later, Facebook took down the video, but the awareness that one more black man had been killed by police during a routine traffic stop had already gone viral.

Yesterday a Facebook user Livestreamed a bunch of overdosed poor people melted into the ground after smoking K2.

This feature, and these new live videos, are turning out to be the general public's own body cams, for better or worse.