Gallup Poll: Up to 33 Million Americans Are Stoned Right This Second

How does it feel to be one among many?

An illuminating Gallup poll released Monday indicates that 33 million people living within the borders of the United States are living here high on weed. Considering that the total 2016 U.S. population is only, roughly, 324, 381,163, math tells us that more than one out of every ten American residents you will encounter during the course of today, 13 percent to be fairly precise, is walking around stoned. Or maybe they are lit and sticking to the home front.

You might think, so what’s the big deal? Cannabis-elevated mindsets still reside in a tiny bubble within a vast unlit majority. But something encouraging happens if you eliminate children and old people in their retirement communities and senior-care facilities from the total population. The proportion of loadies goes up.

Someone in that restaurant is stoned. Chances are it’s you, but chances are also it’s someone near you.

Go ahead: Subtract the 48.7 million Americans under age 12 from the total population. While you’re at it, knock out the 46 million U.S. residents older than 65. That leaves 229, 681,163. And 33 million American pot smokers are suddenly far more prevalent. Like more than 14 percent, at which point every sixth or seventh person you meet while rambling about the world’s most admired democracy is free and stoned.

Go out and treat yourself to lunch. Look around. Unless you’re at some dreary deserted sandwich shop with only a Mom and a Pop behind the counter and one other customer, someone in that restaurant is stoned. Chances are it’s you, but chances are also it’s someone near you.

If these seem like big numbers, it’s because they are. Beyond that, the weed-positive counts are growing. In only three years, the percentage of Americans who admit marijuana use has nearly doubled, rising from 7 percent to 13.

The United States is the third most populous country on earth. If you’re not sure who the other two are, China is a good bet for being one of them, and then India. The U.S. is only 4.38 percent of the entire global population, but a very significant 4.38 percent when determining global policy. So if the 33 million of us who are in a position to tell our government that we want to light up and be left alone, would stand up and do so, that might have an outsize impact on reeling back the war on drugs worldwide.

After all, there is power in numbers.