If Oregon Weed Fests Give Free Admission, You Can Have Free Samples!

But you can't actually smoke it there.

What’s the best part of a weed festival? Free samples, of course!

But in Oregon, where it’s legal to grow, buy, and posses weed, there’s been a huge crackdown on free samples at weed fests. In May, three major cannabis-themed events were under investigation in Portland, and officials said that the festivals (a/k/a parties) might violate clean air laws, and other regulations that prohibit public weed consumption.

Now Oregon has found a way to keep the festivals and give out free weed! Organizers simply won’t charge for admission. Because there’s no admission charge, vendors technically aren’t selling weed anymore; so people can enjoy free cannabis products! Of course you have to be 21, and they’re seriously checking IDs, and you can’t smoke your free weed in public. Consumption out in the open it still way illegal.

From Oregon Live:

The city views paid admission to a fair where marijuana is handed out as similar to selling pot—something only licensed marijuana businesses can do under the law.

So that solves that, for now. Oregon Live says that, "Portland officials have made clear they plan to crack down on events that allow consumption or hand out samples at events where people pay to get in.”

The Summer Fair hits Portland on July 24. Free weed. Free fest. Some restrictions may apply. Win.