Instagram Burns Down Another Round of Weed Brand Accounts

The photo/meme-sharing app is consistently inconsistent in policing weed.

Weed content is all over Instagram. Until it's not. The social app is sporadic in policing its terms pertaining to pot-related pics and vids and memes––going so far as to delete the accounts of offenders. Some cannabis industry brands have felt the burn multiple times. Other accounts prolifically traffic that fire chrontent, meeting only increased engagement.

The latest victims in Instagram's war on weed stuff: California-based cannabis-testing operation SC Labs reportedly lost 10,000 followers in this deletion (the company's fourth), and 18,000 previously. California-based outdoor grow competition, The Emerald Cup, is said to have lost a combined 40,000 followers in two deletions.

SC Labs Co-founder, Ian Rice, tells weed media that,"he has filed an appeal to recover [each account], but none of them have received a response from Instagram."

The herb's quasi-legal status makes social media marketing more difficult for weed brands across the board. Perplexingly, Instagram is seemingly cool with some weed content, as long as it advertises mobile games that glamorize the illegal drug trade, and as long as Insta-G gets it's cut, too. 

Screenshot via The KIND

This online, part-time content prohibition being put into action comes as no surprise.

Instagram sold its soul to Facebook a long time ago. And the Big Brother social media site founded by a man who went on to ruin hoodies for everyone, has reportedly blocked the paid promotion of social justice news stories in the weed world, citing breaches in Facebook's advertising policy, saying such content would, “promote illegal drugs.”

In fact, all we are trying to promote is equality, fraternity, and lit liberty.