Is it 25 or 26 States With Legal Medical Weed? And Why Is No One Sure?

There seems to be some confusion around the issue. Oh yeah, weed.

Ohio became the 26th state to legalize medical cannabis, in some capacity, earlier this week. Or did it? The Weed Internet can't seem to make up its mind on how many Red, White, and Blue states and districts are also some shade of legal green. 

Is it 25 states, and also Washington D.C? Or 26, plus D.C.

One online cannabis information resource (see screenshot below) is claiming 25 states are medically legal. The site says it was last updated on June 8, in this year of the legal nug. Its list includes Ohio. But it leaves off Louisiana, whose governor––in May––signed Senate Bill 271,  which legalizes the safe use of medical marijuana in its own uniquely Southern way. 

One of the Internet's leading weed reporters, BuzzFeed's Amanda Chicago Lewis, said Ohio is number 26, on Twitter, yet links to an article––from an Ohio media outlet, no less––claiming the Buckeye State as 25. 

A media site in Cleveland illustrated this map of the United States of weed, which fails to include a color-coded designation for legal Louisiana, and counts Ohio as number 25 to join the weed party, citing the Marijuana Policy Project––a cannabis advocacy group––as its source. 

WTH, you guys? Are we all so stoned that we can't keep count? Nearly, or just more than, half of America legalizes weed, and that's it, we're all incapable of agreeing on simple arithmetic? I hope this dude, who keeps track of the legalization movement via a map of our country  f*cking tattooed on his back, owns a calculator, for cannabis's sake.  

The Washington Post, whose staffers are subject to drug testing for marijuana (so technically should be the most accurate, no offense), still says 25. Leafly says 25. Reuters says, "Some 24 states and Washington D.C. currently allow some type of medical marijuana use, and just a handful of states allow its recreational use." 

Colorado, Alaska, Washington, and Oregon recognize recreational and medical use of cannabis, and have regulated programs in place for both. Could this be the puzzler? Does the recreational designation of the leaf automatically negate the medical benefits recognized by the state? 

In June of 2016, is medical marijuana legal, in 25 or 26, of these here United States?