Michigan Cop Impaled by Screws at Pot Grow; Chief Is Pissed

And everyone is in trouble.

Wyoming, Michigan, police officer Dustin Cook impaled both of his feet on three-inch, threaded decking screws while responding to a burglary alarm this past Sunday morning at a licensed medical marijuana grow operation at Clay Avenue north of 54th Street SW.

Cook’s boss could not be more angry.

Having spotted a broken window in the structure housing the grow operation, Officer Cook scaled a gate seeking closer investigation. When he leapt down to the ground, he landed on a sheet of plywood studded with more than 100 sharp, threaded screws, pointed upward. Three of the screws pierced the soles of his footwear and impaled his feet. Cook's injuries resulted in hospitalization. The plywood-and-screw hazard had apparently been placed as a booby trap to protect the facility from intruders.

“We have warnings on mice traps, but this is something we don’t have a law on the book on?” 

Two 19-year-old men, Tyquan K. Hassel and Andre D. Sims, were captured fleeing from the structure and have been charged with breaking and entering a building. Hassel is also charged with carrying a concealed weapon. The wrath of Wyoming, Michigan, Police Chief James Carmody, however, is focused more at the operators of the grow facility than at the would-be weed thieves.

Existing Wyoming, Michigan, statutes that forbid booby traps specifically cite spring-loaded devices and explosives. County prosecutors have yet to find a provision prohibiting sheets of plywood with pointy screws banged through them. Carmody, pointing out that Officer Cook’s injuries (including tendon damage to one foot and an impaled heel on the other) are causing the six-year veteran intense pain, questioned the wisdom of the cannabis business owner installing the screw hazard around an alarmed property.

From the Detroit Free Press:

“We responded to that alarm,’’ Carmody said. “Did they not think that we might not walk around the perimeter of that building to try to access the building? For some reason, the moron that put it down there didn’t quite make that connection.’’
“I was very angry; and when I went to the hospital I was even more angry,’’ Carmody said. “He’s a good officer, a hard-working officer and he’s been taken out of the field because of this idiot’s work.”

Despite Chief Carmody’s impassioned views, Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker has found no “readily apparent” charges to bring against the business operator.

“We have warnings on mice traps, but this is something we don’t have a law on the book on?” responded Carmody. “It kind of defies gravity as far as I’m concerned.’’

No explanation was given for how break-in suspects Hassel and Sims managed to circumvent the booby-trapped plywood. In the long run, the suspects may in fact be unable to escape added criminal charges for contributing to Officer Cook’s impalement.

Furthermore, the grow site was found to contain 90-plus full-sized plants, exceeding the crop size allotted in the grower's license.

So, everyone has the opportunity to be screwed before this story is over.