More Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses Hit L.A. This Week

The city's homeless are being hospitalized in great numbers from $1 joints.

Dozens of people living in Los Angeles's Skid Row reportedly overdosed on chemicals marketed as synthetic marijuana this week. This is a narrative that has unfortunately spun and spun again through the news cycle in recent months. The cheap, toxic so-called high is piling misery upon indignity for the disenfranchised populace of the city's least livable area. The mass overdoses show no sign of relenting. As reported by Daily Mail,  more than 30 people have overdosed on the potent poison in L.A. over the past seven days––18 on Friday and 14 on Monday. 

To be clear, "synthetic marijuana" is the actual antonym of medical marijuana. The illicit product's fluid recipe calls for ingredients that are banned as quickly as they come on the market. Shortly after inhaling, the spice-user can display psychotic behavior. Joints are sold for as little as $1. 

This is a problem.