New Mexico Cop Films Himself Stealing Weed, Giving It to His Girlfriend

Lifting and re-gifting evidence is no-chill in New Mexico.

Following a six-week investigation by state police, a New Mexico police sergeant was arrested last week for stealing weed from an evidence locker and giving it to his girlfriend. Body-camera footage surfaced allegedly showing Grants Police Department Sgt. Roshern C. McKinney engaging in "possible illicit activity." The cop faces charges of distributing marijuana, conspiracy, and felony embezzlement, according to reports

With the advent of wearable cameras, it was only a matter of time before super-candid, not-so-cerebral law-enforcement officers began filming unwitting and unlawful selfies. McKinney's case––apparently documented by a lapel camera he was wearing––is believed to be the first in which an on-duty cop was popped big-time after producing and providing evidence of himself taking weed that didn't belong to him, and altogether not submitting another batch of weed as evidence. 

The department's public-information officer told local media that McKinney's wrongdoing went down like this:

"The NMSP investigation that started July 11 uncovered McKinney allegedly drove his police car to the police station and put what appeared to be marijuana in a uniform pocket. . . McKinney then drove to [his girlfriend's] home and gave her the drug to give to her father. . ."

McKinney's girlfriend too faces charges of conspiracy and distributing weed. Worst gift ever.