Oregon Can Legally Eat Weed, Starting Today

Mmmmmm, edibles.

People that like to eat their weed and get high, or medicate, from the stomach first––can now do so legally in Oregon, as part of an early edibles sales program for Oregon dispensaries. 

From The Cannabist

"Recreational marijuana sales became legal in Oregon last fall. Now, medical marijuana dispensaries participating in an early sales program may add edibles and extracts to the things they can legally sell to recreational users. Under the current early sales program, one dose of cannabis-infused edible can have no more than 15 milligrams of THC; consumers can buy up to 1 gram of oil, or cannabis extract, with no more than 1,000 milligrams of THC per cartridge. Customers are limited to one purchase per day."

In other words, chill out, Portlandia, you'll still be more legally stoned than the poor, bored souls smoking not-as-good, yet still very illegal, weed in the twenty-four non-420-friendly states

"It’s new for me, it’s new for a lot of my friends that there can be such a thing," an Oregon man tells reporters, after clearly his first edible, ever. "I’m not really familiar with edibles so this will be actually new for me.” Oh, will these be new for you? Or did they kick in 20 minutes ago, Shadeball McBlazed?

Currently, THC-infused gummy bears in Oregon can be cute and offer a grizzly buzz—but the state is said to be seeking a 5 mg THC cap on all edible doses. 

The first wave of the early recreational sales program will reportedly continue to swell until December 31. By then, Oregon authorities hope to have a regulatory framework in place for a full-spectrum of retail weed businesses. 

In the meantime, much of the state will be glued to the couch. Or floating through space and time.