Oregon Lawmakers Seek Protection for Weed Heads' Personal Info

Fear of a federal crackdown on recreational weed states is causing an industry-wide tizzy.

In Oregon, a felt fear of a Trump administration-led crackdown on states with recreational cannabis legislation enacted has lawmakers working on behalf of the weed people. Beaver State policy shapers have proposed rules concerning the privacy and personal information of marijuana consumers.

According to the Salem CBS Affiliate:

"The committee that crafts Oregon’s pot policies has proposed legislation that requires marijuana businesses to destroy customers’ personal information, such as names, addresses and birth dates, gathered for marketing purposes, within 48 hours. The measure is scheduled for its first hearing Tuesday. It must pass the full Legislature and be signed by the Democratic governor, who’s vowed to fight federal interference in Oregon’s pot market. "

The practice of retaining the personal information and client data of medical marijuana patients and retail customers is decidedly no-chill in Washington, and actually prohibited in Colorado and Alaska.

The industry has been brackish of possible negative outcomes after comments from White House press secretary Sean Spicer––who once dressed up as the Easter Bunny, and posed in the costume for a photo with former President George W. Bush–––indicated that the Trump administration would be turning up the heat, in regard to the federal enforcement of cannabis laws, even in weed-legal states. 

Industry members worry the kept info could eventually wind up in the possession of federal agents, should an Attorney General Jeff Sessions-sent raids ever go down. 

“When you go to purchase a firearm, you have to fill out a background check, and there’s a specific question about marijuana use on that form,” Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli, a bill sponsor, said to the Associated Press. “I would hate to think that some misguided effort at the federal level to coordinate the client lists that could be confiscated in absence of this (proposal) with the firearms purchase lists.” 

Though any increase in federal interference of legal weed is still just a possibly really shitty "if," pending available resources to-be-employed, the Oregon legislation is based on rationale that such executive action could indeed go gown at any time.